Additional items needed list

NOTE:  I will supply you with your birthing kit as well as lend you my birth tub if you desire a water birth 

  • Depends diapers for first couple of days and then overnight pads

  • 5-7 regular sized towels, two washcloths

  • Plastic or a shower curtain to protect your mattress

  • Food you can eat during labor

  • Olive oil in birthing space for massage and ease of meconium clean up


Items needed for a water birth

  • Oasis Elite oval liner, you can purchase at, use my code CSanders for a 10% discount. You may also wish to order the food grade hose and the attachment from your shower head to the hose​

  • 25ft. food grade hose that is indoor use only (the outdoor ones contain chemicals), make sure it is long enough to reach from the shower head to where you want the birthing tub 

  • Hose adapter attachment to attach hose to shower head

  • Biotics oral vitamin K drops if you would like to give your baby oral vitamin K drops, you can order this at the same time as water birth supplies

  • Canvas painter’s tarp or something to protect your carpet/floors

  • Don’t forget to turn up your water heater at the onset of labor!

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