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Christina Sanders
Licensed Midwife CPM, LM
Christina Sanders home visit.jpeg

Christina Sanders is a Certified Professional Midwife and a Licensed Midwife practicing in the Temecula, Murrieta area. She has been serving women and babies in the Temecula area in some capacity since 2000. She began her journey when she became pregnant with her first daughter in 1995. She read every book on natural childbirth she could get her hands on and she attended The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes. She had a natural birth in a hospital with an OB. She quickly became the person her friends and family called when they found out they were pregnant and wanted some guidance on where to start. When she became pregnant with her second baby she wanted to take another Bradley class, but there were no teachers available in their area. This planted the seed to become an instructor. She gave birth naturally to her second daughter in 1998 at a hospital with a Certified Nurse Midwife. This was a lovely birth but shortly after Gabriella was born the nurse whisked her to an area next to the bed. She took her time checking her vitals and dressing her and letting family come and be with the baby. Christina will never forget the deep need and yearning she had to hold her baby (see photo below).

She became a certified Bradley Method instructor in 2000. Once she became a teacher she quickly started being asked to attend her student’s births. She became a doula and attended over 100 births. When she got pregnant with her last daughter Mia, she knew she couldn’t go back to the hospital after the pain of being separated from her baby for too long. She gave birth at home with a Licensed Midwife in attendance in 2003. She was amazed at the difference in experience between a hospital and home birth. She was hooked and knew deep down, one day she would become a midwife. When her children were older she decided it was the right time to pursue her calling to midwifery. She enrolled in school with The National College of Midwifery and became a apprentice with two local midwives. She attended over 164 births during her training.

Christina is extremely passionate about being a guide to women during their birthing time. She offers education, choices, connection, resources and support. Sometimes her most important job is to just listen and hold space for mama and the whole family. To process fear, concerns, and joys in preparation for the labor and birth. She truly gives informed consent. Sharing information without bias. She trusts birth and women’s innate ability to birth their babies. Christina focuses on helping to empower women; her greatest joy is watching women make the transformation from a woman to a mother. We give birth naturally because it has been proven the safest for mama and baby, but the birth experience itself informs a woman’s mothering. She feels powerful, strong and intuitive after birth which is the transformation she needs to become a mother. It's often said "Well at least the baby is ok, that's all that matters" when a difficult birth has occurred. Yes, a healthy mama and baby are the priority. But it absolutely does matter how a woman births. It never leaves her. Birth matters, women deserve to be loved and cared for and their voices need to be heard. Christina also focuses on the experience of the baby, helping to assure a gentle, loving, and abundant experience. 

Christina is a certified Reiki practitioner, is certified in Neonatal Pulmonary Resuscitation, is CPR certified, and continues her education through classes and educational opportunities.  


Christina Sanders CPM, LM

hospital birth.png

Christina reaching for her baby in hospital.

My journey to midwifery unknowingly began with the hospital birth of my second daughter Gabriella. I had a relatively quick labor, she was born 45 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. Shortly after she was born the nurse took her. She weighed her, did a newborn exam and took her time doing it. I told her I wanted my baby back right away. She didn't seem to care. I kept telling my husband to please get me my baby back. Unfortunately when you are in a hospital you sometimes don't feel like you have choices or can demand the things you want. In this picture you can see my family checking out this beautiful baby and you can see my arm reaching out asking for my baby. I felt so sad and heartbroken to not have her in my arms. By the time the nurse gave her back to me she had bundled her in 3 blankets and a hat. I could only see her from her eyebrows to her chin. I quickly took all that stuff off so I could feel her, smell her and love on her. When I got pregnant with my daughter Mia I knew I would have to have a home birth so no one would take my baby from me. I gave birth at home, in my bedroom, in my bed and I held my daughter Mia in my arms all night. I quickly became an advocate for home birth. What a beautiful experience it was, for not only me but my whole family! As a midwife it is my goal to help protect this sacred time you have with your baby.

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Brock Bertloff—Ayurvedic cook

I am excited to empower families with both the food and knowledge during this critical time of healing and rejuvenation. This is often a tender, sometimes stressful period of transition for a family. My intention is to support mamas’ healing by providing nutritious, delicious food based on centuries old knowledge. There are many ancient traditions throughout the world that support mothers during their postpartum time and I encourage anyone interested in learning more to pick up “The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother.

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